General terms and conditions
The present terms and conditions apply to all our services and package deals. These terms and conditions shall supersede any other document, unless otherwise stated. Any request for service must comply with the general terms and conditions of Héline First.

A) Service Order
All bookings may be made via our site up to 48 hours before the service is needed (departure/arrival/connection). The booking is confirmed when the payment has been processed.
All booking with less than 48 hours notice must be made via telephone, and shall be confirmed by email (
B) Cancellation :
Any cancellation submitted less than 48 hours will result in full payment.
C) Rates
Our prices include all taxes required by regulations for such services.
D) Forms of Payment
All payments must be submitted by due date to Héline First in one single payment by:
-Postal or bank checks to Héline First.
-Credit card payment to the LCL account of Héline First.
Account information: 30002 - Routing number: 0583 - Account Number: 0000431402P Pin 70-IBAN FR 70 3000 2005 8300 0043 1400 P70
Domiciliation: LCL Alfortville Mairie 00583
E) Payment Deadline
All bills must be paid at reception of the invoice.
F) Grievances
If no contest or grievance is presented within 30 days of receipt of the bill, the company will automatically assume that the charge is approved.
G) Late Payment or non-payment
*Late Payment Penalty: :
In the case of late payment or non-payment, penalties will incur the day after the payment deadline appearing on the invoice at the 12% rate, without reminders (Art. L. 441-6 of Business Law) and will be added to the legal penalty fees.
*Billing Clause:
Furthermore, such a delay will result in the immediate and unequivocal cancellation of all price discounts agreed upon, will incur a breach of contract, and hence will result in the dismissal of all invoices issued as well as the client's file being sent to a collection agency, which will duly recover the entirety of the amount due.
All charges resulting from thid action will be the responsability and burden of the debtor.
*Breach of contract:
Héline First company reserves the right to end the contract for all delinquent payments without reminder or notice.
*General Information:

Payments made through the use of a collection agency will be recovered from the earliest ones first.
Héline First company reserves the right to deny service to a delinquent client except if they prove to Héline First that such delinquency will not occur again through financial viability or payment in cash.

H) Copyright
Héline First company owns all copyrights to its services and documents. Any duplications, distribution of all or part of its documents or support is strictly forbidden, except in the case of previous and explicit authorization from Héline First company.
I) Applicable law and proper juridiction
All litigations related to the services delivered by Héline First company will be, in agreement with both parties involved, submitted to French Law, and therefore, will be dealt with by French courts where the headquarters of Héline First company are located, and will be dealt with exclusively by the commercial court of Créteil, having jurisdiction.

(*) VAT applied: 20% (rate may change at the company's discretion according to changes established by legislation).